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Loving Colour

by Tanaka Mhishi & Imogen Butler-Cole

This is what it looks like when justice starts at home. Two friends, one Black, one White, share a series of tender and uncompromising conversations about how Whiteness and anti-Blackness have shaped their lives.


Join us as we attempt our own version of restorative justice through compassion and storytelling.

Episodes include: What is Racism?, What is Whiteness?, What is Allyship and What Else is There?, Law and Policing, Colonial History, Humour, Class, One of the Good Ones, Desirability, Institutional Racism, Hair, Pride, Words and Language and Racism in Childhood.


This podcast led to Tanaka and I creating our ED&I training, The Business of Belonging. 

Twitter: @lovingcolourpod

Theme music: The Boatman from The Other Side by Quest Ensemble

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