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Imogen Butler-Cole

Six Day Course

Embodied Leadership for Women*

With additional coaching, offered over three months

This work will bring you greater self-confidence, deeper self-knowledge and an enhanced sense of self-worth. From here you will be more able to influence those around you, step into assertiveness and find your true purpose as a leader.


Module One: The Self

Two-day training


  • Access self-knowledge and self-awareness, leading to improved self-confidence

  • Practise embodied gravitas and credibility

  • Find more assertiveness without stepping into aggression

  • Learn to access your inner mentor

  • Transform limiting beliefs into beliefs that will support you throughout your career


One coaching session per participant between Modules One & Two



Module Two: The Other

Two-day training


  • Learn to take up space, vocally and physically

  • Practise the fundamental tools of clear, confident communication

  • Structure impactful messages for presentations and meetings

  • Establish boundaries and learn to say no

  • Resist interruption and maintain confident communication when the stakes are high


One coaching session per participant between Modules Two & Three



Module 3: The Leader

Two-day training


  • Practise embodying varied leadership styles

  • Establish your leadership brand through value and purpose

  • Motivate your team through challenging situations

  • Manage conflict and deliver effective feedback

  • Explore how to make your mark as a leader


One coaching session per participant after Module Three

*All Womxn are Women. I am proud to work with non-binary folks and all minoritised genders.

"Excellent and profoundly impactful... so profound that it helped me to touch into old fear that I didn’t need to carry anymore. Imogen was wonderful in navigating me through that. I watched other women around me flourish over the day and it blew me away. Simply amazing!"

Confidence and Presence for Women

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