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Imogen Butler-Cole

One-day Course

Embodied Leadership for Women*

Be nurtured, supported and celebrated in becoming the leader you aspire to be.

This work will bring you greater self-confidence and deeper self-knowledge. From here you will be more able to influence those around you, step into assertiveness and orientate yourself towards your true purpose as a leader.



  • Increase your confidence, inwardly and outwardly

  • Practise the fundamental tools of clear, confident communication

  • Learn to take up space, vocally and physically

  • Find more assertiveness without stepping into aggression

  • Identify your inner mentor

  • Transform limiting beliefs into beliefs that will support you throughout your career

*All Womxn are Women. I am proud to work with non-binary folks and all minoritised genders.

“[The course] blew my expectations out of the water. Not only can I trust myself but I feel like I can take space and lean into challenges. I feel inspired.”

Stepping Up With Confidence, RADA Business

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