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Imogen Butler-Cole

The Business of Belonging

McKinsey reports have shown time and again what diversity can do for business success. However simply diversifying businesses without consideration of the individual can lead to isolation. Everyone drops aspects of their personalities when they enter the workplace, and the more marginalised one is, the more one has to drop. This risks discomfort and censoring. When we censor ourselves we are less able to contribute fully. And so the cycle continues.


While many challenging conversations have come out of the pandemic, we have not necessarily been resourced to deal with having them. Some are left feeling ostracised and powerless while others may feel defensive when asked to consider issues such as race and equality. This creates division and insecurity.


This session models how to sit with the discomfort of having these big conversations and offers a tool kit that can be implemented in the workplace. A mix of small group and plenary discussions ensure that participants are included but held and have the option to participate in a safe and supported manner.



  • Reflective and productive conversations about equity, diversity and bias

  • Build connections with colleagues and think creatively about culture applications

  • Model a culture of resilience which enables difficult but necessary discussions

  • Bring about a deeper understanding of the idea of belonging


Delivered alongside Tanaka Mhishi, a fellow queer survivor-activist with whom I host the Loving Colour podcast, a series of tender and uncompromising conversations about how whiteness and anti-Blackness have shaped our lives.

  • Half-day course.

  • Number of delegates limited only by space/ platform.

  • Price on application.

  • Contact me to request further details.

“The session leaders were brilliant and the discussion they provoked were very valuable. It gave me an insight into myself and some lessons  I will hold moving forward. A brilliant session. Thank you.”

The Business of Belonging, Solihull Adult Social care Conference

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