WHITE NOISE (Working Title)

White Noise (working title) is a solo play a play about whiteness and racism, exploring my own ugliest white supremacist secrets and how to be a good mother to my potential future biracial children.


Directed by Poonam Brah, dramaturgy by Tanaka Mhishi.


In development with the support of Shoreditch Town Hall.


Images and feedback from work in progress showing at Shoreditch Town Hall, September 2019.

“profound, surprising, challenging and thoughtful - from the heart. Obviously honest, bare and unafraid portrayal” | “impactful and hugely transformative” | “powerful, thought-provoking display of deep enquiry” | “a very interesting and challenging piece” | “an important conversation” | “beautiful work” | “impressive” | “a tough topic bravely addressed”

“I want my white mum and partner to see this” | “I’d like to see more” |  “[I'm] encouraged to have difficult conversations”


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