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Imogen Butler-Cole

Confidence & Assertiveness

Confidence is not an unattainable state experienced only by a chosen few. It is a set of behaviours we can learn. With these behaviours we can easily make the impact we desire and consistently be perceived as the best version of ourselves. Learn how to access and sustain confidence in communication, as well as looking ahead and creating sustainable future goals. A safe, supportive learning environment ensures that each individual is nourished and empowered to access their most impactful selves.



  • Increase your confidence, inwardly and outwardly

  • Practise the fundamental tools of clear, confident communication

  • Learn to take up space, vocally and physically

  • Find more assertiveness without stepping into aggression

  • Transform limiting beliefs into beliefs that will support you throughout your career

  • Half-day or one-day course with optional additional coaching.

  • Up to 8 delegates per course.

  • Price on application.

  • Contact me to request further details.

“[The course] blew my expectations out of the water. Not only can I trust myself but I feel like I can take space and lean into challenges. I feel inspired.”

Stepping Up With Confidence, RADA Business

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