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Imogen Butler-Cole

Personal Impact

Develop a greater awareness of the way you come across. Power up your performance and increase personal presence in a variety of communication scenarios. Become more influential while remaining authentic, practising invigorating tools and exercises throughout the day. Time will be given to group skills practise as well as diagnostic of each delegate, enabling participants to access greater authority and gravitas.



  • Learn how the body, breath and voice affect our impact

  • Become more flexible in your communication style

  • Connect through listening, eye contact and rapport

  • Make space for thought and breath

  • Practise precise articulation of thought, word and message

  • Half-day or one-day course with optional additional coaching.

  • Up to 8 delegates per course.

  • Price on application.

  • Contact me to request further details.

“I cannot emphasise enough how excellent Imogen was. She was so perfectly poised and professional yet warm, helpful and encouraging for the entire course. I learned a lot just from observing her”

Personal Impact

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